Introducing our Founder Member CSR Accredited Organisations


B P Collins - Gold CSR Accredited

B P Collins places considerable importance on supporting and strengthening local communities. We also recognise the impact we have on these areas, as well as the responsibility we have to operate in a manner which protects the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme aims to address the following areas: Charitable giving and fundraising Sponsorship programme Environment and Climate People and Diversity.

Ecobrand - Gold CSR Accredited.

For Ecobrand, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared value for our business, our employees and our customers. Where possible we make every effort to record and report our CSR successes, this way we can help the various organisations and causes we support benefit from our marketing visibility.

Bartercard (Barter Traders Limited) Silver CSR Accredited

Here at Bartercard, being a socially responsible business is central to our core business beliefs. we are committed to CSR in all areas on our business and are continually looking for ways to improve our business functions so that we can have a positive impact on the communities that we work with. Principle Founders Brian Hall and Andrew Federowsky, Wayne Sharpe and first employee Maree St Clair started Bartercard on the Gold Coast, Australia, in 1991. This team shared a vision for Bartercard to become the world’s largest trade exchange and a globally recognised business-to-business brand.

Clarity Copiers - Silver CSR Accredited

As part of our CSR policy, as with all company policy, the business demonstrates good governance & full due diligence in reviewing and updating when appropriate. The business diarises; Director Board Meetings, Staff meetings, Departmental meetings, Sales meetings & Marketing meetings at which point all matters relating to this business are raised, documented, discussed, agreed and put into action on a democratic basis. CSR will be continually be reviewed by Clarity Copiers as part of those meetings with a view to introducing more initiatives important to the business in the future.

Chandler Garvey - Silver CSR Accredited

Chandler Garvey recognises that it has a positive role to play in the Buckinghamshire community; being a high profile business that helps shape the business environment through the work it does with investors and developers in the property sector. Chandler Garvey is one of the leading firms of commercial property consultants in the greater Thames Valley region, with a network of 5 offices in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Energy Renewals Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

Sound and effective CSR Policies and intertwined into our services/solutions that we promote to our customers in delivering good practice within energy management and sustainability. We act as an independent consultant managing your energy requirements, monitoring your usage and identifying where efficiencies can be made, since Energy Renewals was first established in 2010 it has grown from strength to strength and provides energy services for many companies applying best industry practices and delivering products most suited for the application.

Flowerland Garden Centres - Silver CSR Accredited

Corporate Social Responsibility policy objective: to thrive in a sustainable and responsible way, in our environment, and in harmony with others. We have always believed this: we have always made living things, locally from natural materials, water and the sun. Often, we are the only contact people have with growing. From the beginning, Flowerland or Bourne End Nurseries as it was then known was founded in 1950 by Bryn Evans a young farm manager from Marlow with an entrepreneurial streak. As a means to subsidise the very seasonal business of rearing turkeys for Christmas, Bryn started a market gardening and landscaping business which flourished through the summer months.

Gardner Leader Solicitors - Silver CSR Accredited

Gardner Leader have been at the heart of Berkshire for nearly 120 years, and are respected and trusted at the centre of our community. We have close links with Swings & Smiles (our current Firm Charity), supporting them through fundraising, staff volunteering, and providing free legal advice. Our staff also engage in a variety of other charitable events. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means managing our business responsibly for long term success. Our success also means that we can fulfil our responsibilities to the community in which we operate. Our CSR Committee meets twice yearly, and consists of staff from across the firm.

GreenZone - Silver CSR Accredited

GreenZone are committed to operating a sustainable and ethical business. This commitment is led from top management by all the directors of the company. We follow a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that outlines the ways we must integrate environmental, ethical, human rights, social and client concerns into our business objectives. We have set ourselves measurable targets we must strive towards in order to be market place leaders in CSR

Seymour Taylor - Silver CSR Accredited

Corporate Social Responsibility is important to Seymour Taylor as we see it as a way that we can positively contribute to our society. There are many different strands to CSR and we recognise that each of the different areas are important. At Seymour Taylor we offer you the services of a large corporate accountancy firm, with the personal touch normally associated with a smaller accountancy practice. As one of the longest established firms of Accountants in High Wycombe and the Thames Valley, we offer a wealth of expertise. Our highly experienced team of accountants, tax and business advisers can assist you with all your accountancy needs.

Q1care Ltd - Bronze CSR Accredited

As a care company, Q1Care Ltd is committed to Social Responsibility practices in all areas of the business where possible. The company is making an enormous effort to strengthen existing policies, create new policies and support the general attitude toward social responsibility already seen within the company; from the Managing Director down to the care staff. We aim to be honest and transparent in all meaningful interactions to make a positive impact on clients, their loved ones, staff and the wider community.


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  • Create an inclusive program of CSR activities that staff can engage with and feel proud off.
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty, operational costs and overall better financial performance.
  • By reducing resource use, waste and emissions, you can help the environment and save money.
  • Increase your attraction for new employees or retain existing staff.


You will be required to submit a CSR application that covers (where possible) the four pillars of CSR and takes into consideration elements highlighted in the guidance notes.

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