Introducing our Founder Member CSR Accredited Organisations


Abu Dhabi Ports - Gold CSR Accreditation

Abu Dhabi Porst showed considerable effort in delivering positive impact against all of the four CSR pillars of Environment, Workplace, Community and Philanthropy. It was especially enlightening to see the eight SDG's where they believe they can make the greatest contribution to strengthen their position as a leading Port, Maritime, Logistic & Industrial Zone. SDGs 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 and 14.
CSR-A Abu Dhabi Terminals

Abu Dhabi Terminals - Silver CSR Accredited

ADT have reduced natural resources (water, paper, oil, fuel) considerably saving the company money. They strive to stay ahead with technological advancements and continue to reduce the amount of natural resources used. In the workplace they provide training mechanisms that keep employees engaged and interested. During Ramadan ADT provide meals and employees volunteer in the distribution, open days for UAE National to attend and take part in training program, corporate planting of the local ghaf tree & clean up the sea bed with volunteers from local dive centres. ADT have made charitable donations and sponsorships to companies. looking forward ADT shall make a further commitment in supporting philanthropic courses.
AD Contsruction CSR-A

AD Construction Group Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

“Meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmentalism. Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development. To achieve true sustainability, we need to balance economic, social, and environmental sustainability factors in equal harmony. As well as improving sustainability, AD are concerned about the wider social and economic impacts their operations have on the world. As such, they are focusing on achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Four Pillars of CSR include all 17 of the SDG’s. AD is committed to Sustainability and the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and ensure that we not only deliver excellent value and high-quality works for our public sector partners, but also include wider added value benefits in our contractual delivery, such as providing apprenticeships, training opportunities, local employment, supply chain engagement, sponsorship, charitable giving, community engagement and investment.
Aire Global - CSR-A

Aire Global - Silver CSR Accreditation

At the heart of our business lies our People - this has been our mantra since conception. We continually seek to improve in this area with new initiatives, particularly in light of Covid-19, and have found efficiencies in the new ways of working (Hybrid) and continue to work towards our culture remaining strong, even when we are physically distanced from each other, particularly as we continue to onboard new team members.

Our commitment to charitable giving (both financially and donating time/services) has always been high on our list, as we believe that when we are successful, we should share that to improve the lives of others around us. Our staff are always highly engaged in charitable giving and schemes such as the internships - for us it is the embodiment of our ‘Be Nice’ value.

Almond Tree Strategic Consulting Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

We are committed to ensuring that meaningful CSR remains at the heart of everything we do and have audited our activities against the accreditation requirements, developing the attached CSR Policy. As a micro-business serving the not-for-profit sector, with one employee and occasional associates (with no intention to grow further), there are capacity constraints on our CSR but we believe we go far beyond what would be expected of a micro-business. Our CSR Policy has been agreed by our Directors who are co-owners of the business.

Alnwick Infirmary - Gold CSR Accreditation

Alnwick Infirmary is a community hospital based on the outskirts of Alnwick. It has provided healthcare services to the community and surrounding district for more than 100 years. The hospital has a minor injuries unit, maternity and oncology units, diagnostics including x-ray, endoscopy and ultrasound, theatres and day surgery as well as an extensive range of outpatient clinics.
Ashington Page Logo

Ashington Page - Silver CSR Accredited

This has been an enlightening process for us as individuals and as a company to go through. It has confirmed to us that whilst we tick some of each of the 4 pillars boxes that make up this accreditation, that there is much more that we could and will be doing. Irrespective of whether we gain the accreditation or not we are committed to continue doing more and therefore we will have a greater awareness in the decisions that we make in the future.
Auxilium Logo CSR Accreditation

Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd - Silver CSR Accreditation

Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd (ABC) cares about the environment, ensuring that negative impacts on the environment are always reduced as much as possible. ABC sees CSR as a vital element to its business strategy, attracting like-minded service suppliers, clients, and collaborators. An audit of its activities has been carried out for this accreditation to ensure commitment to meaningful CSR throughout all its activities using the four pillars.

B P Collins - Gold CSR Accredited

B P Collins places considerable importance on supporting and strengthening local communities. We also recognise the impact we have on these areas, as well as the responsibility we have to operate in a manner which protects the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme aims to address the following areas: Charitable giving and fundraising Sponsorship programme Environment and Climate People and Diversity.

Bartercard (Barter Traders Limited) Silver CSR Accredited

Here at Bartercard, being a socially responsible business is central to our core business beliefs. we are committed to CSR in all areas on our business and are continually looking for ways to improve our business functions so that we can have a positive impact on the communities that we work with. Principle Founders Brian Hall and Andrew Federowsky, Wayne Sharpe and first employee Maree St Clair started Bartercard on the Gold Coast, Australia, in 1991. This team shared a vision for Bartercard to become the world’s largest trade exchange and a globally recognised business-to-business brand.
Berwick Infirmary CSR-A

Berwick Infirmary - Gold CSR Accreditation

Berwick Infirmary is a small community hospital located within the town centre of Berwick upon Tweed. Services provided at this hospital include; inpatient services for elderly medicine, stoke and orthopaedic rehabilitation and palliative care; a minor injuries unit which is open 24 hours and supported by GPs; extensive outpatient clinics and day hospital services; diagnostics including x-ray, ultrasound, barium and mobile scanners; physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, podiatry and intermediate care; a midwifery-led maternity unit with single delivery room and birthing pool; pre-assessment and day surgical procedures and an oncology unit where chemotherapy treatments are carried out two days a week.
Birmingham Business Park

Birmingham Business Park - Silver CSR Accredited

At Birmingham Business Park, people’s welfare and sustainability is our number one priority. We believe that commitment and fulfilment of employees on the park can strengthen society’s wellbeing beyond the environment we create. Our ethos is to protect, enhance and create sustainability within the community. Birmingham Business Park are proud to support many local communities such as Merstone School, Marston Green Junior School, Solihull Age UK and Marston Green Football Club. As well as monetary support through dedicated fundraising and sponsorship, we also give time to support our local community which can be equally valuable to help our local community projects thrive and develop.
Blyth Community Hospital CSR-A

Blyth Community Hospital - Gold CSR Accrediatation

Blyth Community Hospital provides care in the heart of the town, helping many people to have their treatment locally. The hospital delivers specialist care for the elderly, outpatient clinics in a range of conditions, x-ray and ultrasound facilities, a minor injuries unit and physiotherapy. There are two wards in the hospital which provide specialist rehabilitation, discharge planning and support for patients who have been admitted to hospital for a range of acute medical conditions
CSR-A BSP-logo

BSP Consulting Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

BSP Consulting have a measurable Corporate Social Responsibility policy and have provided £1.9m social value in 2019. They use a social value calculator to record everything they do; and will continue to update this calculator throughout 2020. BSP are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which they work. Being a good neighbor means they actively interact with community groups and support educational initiatives. BPS nurture local business relationships through sourcing local labor, equipment, and materials where possible and will continue to champion community engagement throughout the industry. BSP provide a legacy beyond the lifetime of construction works.

Buckinghamshire Business First - Gold CSR Accredited

Buckinghamshire Business First is a business-led, business-focused community for new, established and growing businesses across Buckinghamshire. We provide our members with knowledge, support and opportunities for growth. From our inception in 2011, when 10 local entrepreneurs and business leaders got together to discuss how to encourage business growth in Buckinghamshire, our ‘doing-it-for-ourselves’ mentality has generated a thriving business community of over 11,000 members – and growing.

Buckinghamshire New University - Gold CSR Accredited

Buckinghamshire New University has a proud 126-year history of transforming the lives of its students through employment-focused and skills-based teaching which enables students from a wide range of backgrounds to achieve their ambitions. We create the conditions for success, and strive to be a catalyst in making a positive impact on the environment, in our communities, and as an anchor institution in our region.
CSR-A Caridon Group

Caridon Group - Gold CSR Accredited

Over the last 13 years, The Caridon Group have built, procured and supplied good quality affordable homes in over 30 boroughs across London and the South of England. Underpinned by social values and awarded for contributions and positive impact to the community, Caridon strives to deliver more homes in the years to come.

Chandler Garvey - Silver CSR Accredited

Chandler Garvey recognises that it has a positive role to play in the Buckinghamshire community; being a high profile business that helps shape the business environment through the work it does with investors and developers in the property sector. Chandler Garvey is one of the leading firms of commercial property consultants in the greater Thames Valley region, with a network of 5 offices in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) - Gold CSR Accreditation

The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) is the leading professional membership organisation for individuals in the sustainability, resources, and waste management sector. CIWM represents and supports over 5,000 individuals and 250 Affiliated Organisations across the UK and overseas.

Together, our governance and organisational strategies and policies, driven by our purpose and mission ensures that our sound oversight of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), across all four pillars of CSR is put into practice to benefit CIWM staff, the whole of the resources and waste management sector, its communities, and the environment.

Charterhouse (Accountants) Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

Charterhouse have always had people at their centre and decided to make “people” a part of their long-term strategy. For Charterhouse, people does not only mean their staff, but also their clients, the local community and all those people the business has an impact on. This strategy has provided a framework allowing Charterhouse to deliver significant social responsibility initiatives against the CSR four pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy.

Clarity Copiers - Silver CSR Accredited

As part of our CSR policy, as with all company policy, the business demonstrates good governance & full due diligence in reviewing and updating when appropriate. The business diarises; Director Board Meetings, Staff meetings, Departmental meetings, Sales meetings & Marketing meetings at which point all matters relating to this business are raised, documented, discussed, agreed and put into action on a democratic basis. CSR will be continually be reviewed by Clarity Copiers as part of those meetings with a view to introducing more initiatives important to the business in the future.
CSR-A Cloudy group new logo

Cloudy Group - Silver CSR Accredited

The Cloudy Group puts people first, which is why practices for looking after their people, their customers and their community is at the heart of what they do. They have a rich history of supporting their local community and in the last five years have honed this socially responsible action into a more structured programme of work that has embedded these practices into their day-to-day business. Since conducting their CSR audit for this application, they have developed a CSR Company Policy to share with their employees and have identified areas for improvement. Measures are already being put in place to drive positive change in areas under the CSR-A Four Pillars including employing a new partnership with The Green Earth Appeal.
CLPM logo

CLPM Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

CLPM Ltd is a Construction Cost and Project Management consultancy with 20 employees. We work in a support capacity with people who are building or renovating their homes. CSR is important to CLPM so we can demonstrate that social responsibility and care for our staff, clients and our community is as important as the business profits. And we hope, attracts like-minded individuals to work with and for us. Independence in our working relationships and transparency of our policies is a commitment we make to all our stakeholders, and our staff are encouraged to engage with us in this vision and help with best practice in all areas of our business and our responsibilities to the local and global community.
Cobalt Conference Suite CSR-A

Cobalt Conference Suite - Gold CSR Accreditation

Situated at Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside, it has easy access by road or public transport. There are 11 rooms ranging in sizes from small meeting rooms to a facility which can hold up to 160 delegates, all with modern presentation facilities. An on site restaurant provides catering facilities for delegates and can tailor menus to specific needs.

Cobine Carmelson Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

As a small business that works virtually they are dedicated to using best practice when it comes to the environment and the well-being of their staff. Cobine take a serious approach to their workplace commitments especially around corporate citizenship, leadership training and mental health and well being. Cobine also supports football in the community and regularly supports charities through donations, pro bono work and volunteering.
Colas Ltd  CSR Accreditation

Colas Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

Colas operate an ambitious Act and Commit Together (ACT) strategy. Like the CSR Pillars, ACT includes 8 Pillars with corresponding targets. This is supported by their Social Value Policy, Environmental/Energy Policy, and a team of experts who work with the workforce, supply chain, and communities and organisations to deliver meaningful evidenced environmental and social impacts.
CSR-A Colas UK

Colas UK Limited - Gold CSR Accredited

Colas UK Projects Limited have shown structured frameworks for monitoring and minimising environmental impacts, implementing regular staff training opportunities and occupational health support. They are committed to recruiting local people, and employing local suppliers. They deliver targeted recruitment/training initiatives focused on hard-to-reach demographics. They have also delivered a varied programme of activities, which include donations to local charities and food banks, sponsorship of community programmes, and COVID19 relief.

Connect Charity - Silver CSR Accreditation

Connect Charity was established as a brand to develop a business that delivers responsible and purpose led professional solutions to charities and small businesses. Originally it started as a part-time venture around other commitments but it soon became clear that working with a number of different organisations which faced similar challenges was both challenging and interesting as well as rewarding and we knew we were making a positive difference.
CSR-A Consort

Consort Strategy Ltd - Silver CSR Accreditation

Promoting the principles of social responsibility is at the very core of our business ethos. Our vision is an inclusive global economy driven by the Humanity+ principle of elevating the human condition through innovation, ethical investment and social responsibility, and our commitment to realising social justice is immediately visible in everything we do to support our clients and community. We work to enhance clients’ abilities to lead with purpose and to realise positive social, environmental and economic impacts; and as a socially responsible business, our focus is on supporting people, planet and prosperity.
CR Civil Engineering Logo

CR Civil Engineering Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

CR Civil Engineering not only view social responsibility as duty to act in the best interests of our environment and society as a whole but as integral part of our business ethos. From our inception 21 years ago, we have always carried this ethos and supported employees, families and communities, not to tick a corporate box, but from truly caring and considerate core. In recent years we understand the value of demonstrating this care and commitment to our clients, stakeholders,employees and our communities.

D2E International VT Consultants Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

D2E provide lift, escalator and façade access consultancy with three core values; quality, safety and ethics. Our values perfectly intertwine with the 4 Pillars of CSR. Protecting the environment is paramount in all areas of work; issuing specifications where parts used in manufacture must be recyclable and training and educating employees about environmental issues that may affect their work. Constant training schemes and education platforms are in place, to grow and develop all employees to aid personal and company progression. We help in our community by working alongside a local technical college, offering young students the opportunity and access to engineering seminars and work experience. We also provide financial sponsoring and support to this college, hosting regular fundraising activities to ensure the college is well maintained to provide the highest quality of technical training to the students. At D2E, we understand our role to grow our employees, to maintain the environment around us help the local community in providing opportunities for inspiring children in the Pimlico area.

daappa Limited - Silver CSR Accreditation

We have always delivered various levels of CSR throughout the business. The CSR Accreditation provided the perfect framework to address what we are doing against the CSR Four Pillars of Environment, Workplace, Community and Environment. Further to our application for CSR-Accreditation, we have found the whole process extremely informative, encouraging, positive and uplifting and great fun too!. It has also helped us re-bond as a team after Covid and has given us a lot to talk and think about. We discovered how much we were doing collectively and individually on a continual basis without actually realising! It is clear that being environmentally aware and caring about the planet is something which has been absorbed over the years via osmosis and, thankfully, is now part of our natural, normal and everyday behaviour.

DEBRA - Silver CSR Accredited

As a charity, DEBRA is committed to socially responsible practices in all areas of our work where possible. By acting in a socially responsible way we believe we can improve our business functions as well as motivate staff and have a positive impact in the communities where we operate. We recognise that all areas of CSR are important and have therefore split our policy into several sections to ensure that we do not overlook any key areas.

DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

DENSO Corporation has a global philosophy of "Contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future”, whose long-term policy is encompassed in the slogan of “Bringing hope for the future of our plant, society and all people” DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd has a Corporate Social Responsibility framework with three main strategy pillars: Environmental Conservation, Social Contribution and Valuing Associates.

Ecobrand - Gold CSR Accredited.

For Ecobrand, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared value for our business, our employees and our customers. Where possible we make every effort to record and report our CSR successes, this way we can help the various organisations and causes we support benefit from our marketing visibility.
CSR-A Eizo UK logo

Eizo UK - Silver CSR Accredited

In order to match and prepare for future EIZO Group requirements, EIZO UK are very committed to driving a positive change in corporate social responsibility. In 2021, the whole EIZO UK Leadership team undertook a CSR training day to truly understand CSR at the top level and have subsequently decided to undertake the CSR Accreditation for continual improvement, consultation/guidance and external validation. We recognize the importance for internal staff engagement, to attract and retain the best talent, to protect the planet and contribute to our local communities as well as to put us in the best position to win future work.

EllisKnight International Recruitment - Gold Accreditation

EllisKnight International are a Berkshire based recruitment agency, supporting exciting local and national organisations with their talent acquisition strategy and providing our candidates with a hand to hold throughout their career. As a company we pride ourselves on our ability to help others and place tremendous emphasis on environmental sustainability, community support, charitable fundraising and providing our talented team with an environment to flourish within. Our CSR policy has developed through continual analysis and close engagement with our team, valuing their feedback and implementing exciting initiatives.

Energy Renewals Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

Sound and effective CSR Policies and intertwined into our services/solutions that we promote to our customers in delivering good practice within energy management and sustainability. We act as an independent consultant managing your energy requirements, monitoring your usage and identifying where efficiencies can be made, since Energy Renewals was first established in 2010 it has grown from strength to strength and provides energy services for many companies applying best industry practices and delivering products most suited for the application.

Fast Track Fit Camp - Silver Accreditation

FastTrack Fit Camp is an outdoor group fitness business, trading as a Social Enterprise, focusing on providing an effective health and fitness service to adults across Berkshire whilst supporting local environmental projects. The work that FastTrack Fit Camp does outside of the remit of outdoor group fitness is varied but remains within the boundaries of protecting our outdoor spaces for the benefit of our members. We believe that when our members are happy and healthy they will be able to do their best work with the projects they feel passionate about.

Ferrovial Construction Ltd - Gold CSR Accreditation

Ferrovial Construction have shown that they are committed to being a responsible business to their customers, employees and the communities in which they work. They aim to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of our rapidly changing world and place sustainability at the core of their decision making.

They go beyond minimising their environmental impacts - their employees are demonstrating industry leading environmental initiatives; including trialing innovative low carbon construction machinery and renewable fuels. Their monthly Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Forums and Wellbeing Webinars create a safe and inclusive workplace culture, where our employees can share their experiences and knowledge and offer support to others. They aspire to leave a lasting legacy in the communities where we operate and engage with and inspire future generations to consider a career in the industry.
CSR-A Firefly Merchandise

Firefly Merchandise Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

Firefly Merchandise supplies organic, recycled and sustainable merchandise. The aim is to educate customers and help them make better buying decisions when it comes to their marketing materials. In addition Firefly have implemented an environmental policy to ensure a light touch on the planet. Carol ensures purpose driven work practices and supports a number of community and charitable projects.

Flowerland Garden Centres - Silver CSR Accredited

Corporate Social Responsibility policy objective: to thrive in a sustainable and responsible way, in our environment, and in harmony with others. We have always believed this: we have always made living things, locally from natural materials, water and the sun. Often, we are the only contact people have with growing. From the beginning, Flowerland or Bourne End Nurseries as it was then known was founded in 1950 by Bryn Evans a young farm manager from Marlow with an entrepreneurial streak. As a means to subsidise the very seasonal business of rearing turkeys for Christmas, Bryn started a market gardening and landscaping business which flourished through the summer months.
Freshney Shopping Centre CSR Accreditation

Freshney Shopping Centre - Silver CSR Accredited

Based in the heart of Grimsby town centre, Freshney Place has everything you need from high street brands to unique local independent retailers for all your fashion and shopping needs. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Our 70 stores will be sure to inspire you.

G F Tomlinson Building Ltd - Gold CSR Accreditation

As a regional, family business, CSR matters to GFTomlinson and it’s embedded in everything they do. They put their processes, in place back in 2009. These have provided a focussed approach to delivering economic, social and environmental benefits, leaving positive legacies relevant to the communities they working in.

Gardner Leader Solicitors - Silver CSR Accredited

Gardner Leader have been at the heart of Berkshire for nearly 120 years, and are respected and trusted at the centre of our community. We have close links with Swings & Smiles (our current Firm Charity), supporting them through fundraising, staff volunteering, and providing free legal advice. Our staff also engage in a variety of other charitable events. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means managing our business responsibly for long term success. Our success also means that we can fulfil our responsibilities to the community in which we operate. Our CSR Committee meets twice yearly, and consists of staff from across the firm.

Garnett Interactive - Bronze CSR Accredited

Established 25 years ago we are passionate about transforming how people perform at work. How? By creating powerful learning programmes using live theatre based training, we engage personnel and transform how they perform at work by creating positive, inclusive workplaces. Our corporate social responsible can be demonstrated across four main pillars.
GGI Global Alliance - CSR Accreditation

GGI Global Alliance - Bronze CSR Accredited

GGI is the first global alliance to achieve a CSR accreditation. As a global organization operating worldwide, GGI fosters business-exchange opportunities across professions and sectors. GGI’s goal to become a sustainability-accredited company comes from their motivation to drive change within the professional service sector, highlighting how they and their clients should adopt sustainability practices to drive change within the industry.

GreenZone - Silver CSR Accredited

GreenZone are committed to operating a sustainable and ethical business. This commitment is led from top management by all the directors of the company. We follow a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility Policy that outlines the ways we must integrate environmental, ethical, human rights, social and client concerns into our business objectives. We have set ourselves measurable targets we must strive towards in order to be market place leaders in CSR
Haines Watts Logo

Haines Watts Manchester - Silver CSR Accreditation

Haines Watts Manchester have recently recognised a shift in attitude towards work culture and life balance and the need to embrace their workplace environmental and social responsibility as part of their business model. They are now in the process of developing a CSR Team who can work with CSR enablers across the business to improve employee engagement and embed social responsibility into their values. It’s about creating a structure to measure impact and place more support to set up future initiatives and promote them to all stakeholders.

Haines Watts live by the shared purpose of valued relationships, showing passion and being authentic. These collective aspirations have a positive impact on all stakeholders and align perfectly with each of the CSR-A four pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy.
Haines Watts Newcastle - CSR Accreditation

Haines Watts Newcaste - Silver CSR Accredited

An award-winning firm of accountants and strategic advisors supporting aspirational business owners in the North East, who lead not follow. Running a business is rewarding, but it's demanding too. You need an advisor who can support your ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit. An advisor who can provide commercial advice that cuts through the jargon and adds tangible value.
Haines Watts North London CSR-A

Haines Watts North London - Bronze CSR Accreditation

Cyril Haines Watts founded the firm back in 1930 and what started out small and from humble beginnings has continued to grow over the last 90 years into the Top 15 firm of chartered accountants you see today, with offices throughout the UK.

However, we are more than just an accountancy firm, Haines Watts is known for the personal touch when it comes to helping aspirational owner-managed businesses go from strength to strength; we pride ourselves on being passionate about your business and we value the relationships you, our clients, choose to have with us.

Haines Watts Reading - Silver CSR Accredited

Reading is in the heart of the Thames Valley with a strong connection to technology and property sectors. With over 30 years’ experience supporting these businesses, we know the strategies that will deliver long-term success. We’re business owners ourselves, so we understand the challenges you face. If you’re searching for an experienced business advisor in Reading who fully connects with your needs as a business owner, look no further.
Haltwhistle War Memorial Hospital CSR-A

Haltwhistle War Memorial Hospital - Gold CSR Accreditation

Haltwhistle War Memorial Hospital is a new state-of-the-art facility which opened in June 2014. The purpose-built hospital delivers expert care for people, predominantly the elderly, who require inpatient support following illness, injury or a spell in another hospital. It is part of the town’s new pioneering £4.6million integrated health and social care scheme which is one of the first facilities of its kind in the country to provide hospital and social care support under one roof. The scheme has been built in partnership with Northumberland County Council.
CSR-A Haregreaves

Hargreaves Services plc - Gold CSR Accredited

Hargreaves has developed an ESG Working Group, chaired by a Business Unit MD, which contains representatives from all Business Units and reports into the Audit & Risk Committee, which demonstrates the Group’s commitment to ESG Matters. The Group meets approximately every six weeks to discuss risks and opportunities which climate change presents and to position us to be able to meet the future reporting requirements of the TCFD. Additionally, at each meeting, plant and transport activities, supply chains, social responsibility initiatives, and metrics and standards are analysed, reviewed, and actions allocated, to establish policies and minimum standards with a focus on embedding these within the business. This process is ongoing to ensure Hargreaves remain vigilant and proactive to business and legislative changes going forward.
Hexham General Hospital CSR-A

Hexham General Hospital - Gold CSR Accreditation

Hexham General Hospital is a modern hospital providing a full range of diagnostic services and an urgent care centre. It has four wards consisting of an oncology day unit, a surgical ward for patients who have had general, orthopaedic and gynaecological surgery, a stroke rehabilitation and care of the elderly ward and a general medicine ward.
Hardstaff Barriers CSR-A

Hill & Smith - Gold CSR Accreditation

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, our aim is to design and develop products and systems that assist the world in returning home safely at the end of every day. Coupled with exceptional customer service combined with strategically targeting sectors relevant to our capabilities, we will drive sustainable growth underpinning future commercial success.

They take their commitment to improving the environment, supporting their workplace, engaging with communities and charities seriously. They have embedded a range of initiatives throughout the business which deliver clear sustainable and social value impacts.

Infrastar Limited - Gold CSR Accreditation

Every little helps and, as a company, we at Infrastar want to do what we can where it makes sense, continually looking at all aspects of CSR and making iterative steps for improvement both within the company, locally and nationally. We are an innovative company who look at the world and its ways different – just because something has been done a certain way for a while, doesn’t mean to say it should be done that way in the future. Glen is always happy to change things for the better and is even happier if someone then improves on his and his team’s ideas. This enables everyone to work as a whole which can only improve things for everyone. We believe that is why Infrastar is such a successful company because it does things differently with its time and resources to better the environment and global issues.
CSR-A Inmarsat

Inmarsat - Gold CSR Accredited

At Inmarsat, we are driven by a mission to connect people and organisations around the globe to a better future through our world-leading satellite communications services. And how we do business is just as important, which is why we are equally committed to our corporate social responsibility. We are driven by a sense of purpose – the desire to make a difference for our customers – rooted in what we can achieve for the good of society. We believe in actively creating an inspiring culture, underpinned by a core set of values. In addition to our safety services, we also provide connectivity for disaster relief, work to bridge the global digital divide, support the future of our industry (both from a technology and people perspective), and consider the impact we have on Earth and in space.
Investors in Community

Investors in Community - Silver CSR Accredited

‘IIC’ is a digital platform which enables businesses and individuals to donate, volunteer and gift to charity and community initiatives that matter to you. It provides access to many good causes, empowers you and your friends, and brings a wider choice to your giving. As a business, it gives you the power to measure; report on and deliver positive marketing messages to each and every one of your audiences. Quite simply, it’s a tool that will manage your giving.

Jennifer Clark Consulting - Silver CSR Accredited

I am passionate about supporting women in engineering and can offer coaching to your key staff and up and coming I am fully qualified with an empathetic but challenging style. I have 28 years’ experience in the industry and bring real life experience to support my clients’ in reaching their goals and that of the companies. Having started on site with large and small projects, I achieved a global senior vice president role at Skanska, being a role model with a wide variety of experiences both home and abroad. I fully understand how to support individuals and their business goals and was part of a team that started a female mentoring and coaching programme at Skanska.
Kickstart Asia CSR Accredited

Kickstart Asia - Bronze CSR Accredited

KickstartAsia is a startup accelerator established to provide education, Incubating, and investment to startups in major Asian countries under the motto of the global entrepreneurship program Kickstart. We are creating a startup ecosystem infrastructure to create a sustainable economic and industrial structure amid new economic, social, cultural, and political changes centered on innovative technologies.
Kingdom Housing Association CSR Accreditation

Kingdom Housing Association - Gold CSR Accreditation

Kingdom Housing Association, like many other organisations, has experienced an unprecedented few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic but this has only increased their dedication to Environmental and Social Responsibility. The mission at Kingdom is to build strong, sustainable communities and to provide More than a Home.
L Lynch CSR-A

L Lynch Plant and Haulage - Gold CSR Accreditation

L Lynch Plant and Haulage Ltd is a family run business who takes environmental and social issues seriously throughout the organisation. Lynch have complied with ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO4500 since 2016 and run a full management system that is audited internally and externally for environment, quality and health and safety. Our vision is Being the best with a focus on right first time. Our behaviours/values that under pin that are: CAN DO, Passion, Respect and ONE TEAM. “We want to be recognized as the best at what we can do. We want to nurture a safe environment where everyone can share their experiences, give feedback and help our business to continually learn and improve. Together, we can achieve our vision and provide a right first-time service across all that we do”.

Lindengate - Silver CSR Accredited

Lindengate is located at a stunning five-acre site in Buckinghamshire, where nature breathes new life into anyone looking for support with their wellbeing through nature. The natural beauty and richness of the site help to restore and heal, whilst specialised gardening, conservation, construction, cooking, and nature based art and crafts activities provide focus and purpose. Add to this the community of volunteers and staff who nurture a supportive, inclusive and safe environment and you have a recipe for success.
Mallatite Logo CSR-A

Mallatite - Silver CSR Accreditation

Mallatite Limited is a long-established company currently operating from four locations and is a member of the Hill and Smith PLC Roads Group. We are based across 4 sites Chesterfield, Scotland and 2 sites in Tipton. The IMS team is based at the Chesterfield site however most of the administration is completed in the Clarendon Drive site in Tipton.

We have already made a measurable improvement by changing the way we work we still feel that we can improve our performance further by setting targets that are both measurable and achievable, we have further ideas to forward our targets with regards to reducing our waste, Carbon footprint and our energy usage, these will be rolled out gradually so we are able to monitor the benefits of the change and also ensure that changes are maintained .

MAXX Design Limited - Gold CSR Accreditation

Good CSR has been at the cornerstone of our business since it was established in 1995. We aimed to build a business that was built on integrity and ethics and wherever possible to follow business practices that supported these principles. Although policies and practices have evolved over the years, we remain true to our goals and have our business mantra printed onto our walls as a permanent reminder: be creative, be honest, be bold, be happy, be MAXX.
Meon logo CSR-A

Meon Ltd - Silver CSR Accreditation

Meon was founded in 1994 with roots that are shaped by traditional family values, they evolved by developing a close relationship providing solutions for line marking, surface repair, decorative resin and aerosol markers to the sectors we serve across the UK & Ireland. MEON is part of the Local Government Technical Advisory Group supporting the Project Highways Net Zero Carbon Highways Campaign. As part of this MEON presented and were exhibitors at the Presidential Conference - ‘Greening the black’ 8th June 2022 The CSR Accreditation is just the start and Meon have demonstrated a passion and determination to continue delivering meaningful sustainable and social impact. They are committed to showing true leadership and setting an example to their staff, customers and supply chain. Long may this journey continue.
MirrorWeb Logo

MirrorWeb Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

We are a small tech startup based in Manchester city center. Only having been properly established with a team for a few years we are still putting different measures of CRS in place. However, we have already made a significant impact on our reduction of natural resources which will be covered in this application. Our aim is to create an institutional culture that embeds sustainability into policy and systems across our company. Our office has a “green policy” that aims to reduce our environmental impact in terms of energy usage, use of physical resources such as paper, and pollution and waste. All staff are on board with this and comply with all procedure in place to ensure we stick to the elements of this policy.

Morgan Sindall Property Services Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

CSR for Morgan Sindall Property Services is an integral part of our business, and sits across all of our operational work streams. It is of huge strategic importance to us, and an area we are committed to growing and continuing to invest in. As such we have a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and a team in place led by The CSR Director who is representative at Executive Leadership Team Level, supported by CSR Managers and Social Value Coordinators, underpinned by a wider network of CSR champions.

N2O Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

N2O has always placed a high priority on charity, sustainability and employee wellbeing, but we had never brought all our activity together into a formalised strategy. After reviewing and documenting our initiatives under the four pillars of CSR, we are delighted at how much we have achieved, particularly in the last 4 years. Our focus for 2020 is a strategic framework for our CSR initiatives. Launching in January, N2O’s ‘Real Steps to Sustainability’ is a programme of work that will deliver a comprehensive CSR policy and action plan. Starting with our Head Office operations, we will quickly broaden the programme to include our satellite offices, logistics and warehouse department, and ultimately the events and campaigns we run for our clients.
North Tyneside General Hospital CSR-A

North Tyneside General Hospital - Gold CSR Accreditation

North Tyneside is a general hospital with a GP-led urgent treatment centre. You can book an appointment 24 hours a day, seven days a week via NHS 111. There is also walk-in access also available from 8am – midnight. It also has a full range of diagnostic testing, outpatient clinics covering a range of specialties, 24 wards as well as facilities for care of the elderly.
CSR-A Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust - Gold CSR Accredited

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a top performing ‘outstanding’ rated healthcare provider, serving one of the largest geographical areas of any NHS Trust in England. As well as providing vital healthcare services to the communities they serve,they are committed to wider social responsibilities and the impact these have on the communities the 11,000 staff work and live in. With the right culture, you will achieve powerful results for your organisation, delivering impactful social value and enriching the quality of lives for those involved. Alnwick Infirmary, Berwick Infirmary, Blyth Community Hospital, Haltwhistle War Memorial Hospital,Hexham General Hospital, North Tyneside General Hospital, Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, Rothbury Community Hospital, Wansbeck General Hospital, Northumbria House, Cobalt Business Park
Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital CSR-A

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital - Gold CSR Accreditation

Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital opened in 2015, providing specialist emergency care for seriously ill and injured patients from across Northumberland and North Tyneside. It is England’s first purpose-built specialist emergency care hospital, with emergency consultants on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as well as consultants in a range of specialties working seven days a week.
CP - Novia Logo

Novia Corporation (USA) - Silver CSR Accreditation

Novia is a team of ~45 full time employees focused on the code-driven design and manufacture of vibration isolation, seismic restraint and support systems for commercial HVAC equipment in construction markets. With focused attention on efficiency, quality and customer service, we are able to provide technical solutions meeting the needs of our clients and their projects. Novia strives to be a positive influence on our customers, community, environment, our employees and their families. These efforts come in many forms and positively impact numerous aspects of society. We equate “society” to everything we know as a contributing business and caring individuals.

How can an engineering and metal fabrication facility have a positive mimpact on the menvironment, our employees, our community and society as a whole? With commitment, communication and conviction. A commitment to achieve and provide. Communication up, down, across and out. Conviction to follow through on initiatives, execute on deliverables and continuously improve.

Nuwave Channel Partners Ltd - Silver CSR Accreditation

At Nuwave Channel Partners Ltd, we began exploring additional CSR activities in 2019, focusing on climate action and environment; industry, innovation & infrastructure and responsible consumption and production through using plant-based materials in production. With our workplace, simple things such as segregating recycling, supporting our local community schools, and through philanthropic endeavors with that are concerned with life below water and life on land; Plastic Oceans and OneTr1be.
Owen James CSR-A

Owen James - Silver CSR Accredited

The Owen James Group are just starting their journey towards being a sustainable company. Over the past six months they have fully committed to making a change and reaching the goal of net zero, although they are aiming for 2030 as they feel 2050 will be too late!
At their events, they are focused on reducing consumption, making smarter choices, by replacing paper and plastic with technology solutions such as their event app and iPads for staff. At the office, they are continuing with the hybrid working policies adopted throughout the pandemic and when they do head into the office will be developing policies on travel, consumption and waste.
Their biggest achievement so far in terms of sustainability is their work with The Beacon Collaborative, which contributes to the generation of £2bn income for philanthropy.

Oxford Business College - Silver CSR Accreditation

Oxford Business College (OBC) aims to be a sustainable, socially responsible and pioneering private higher education institution on a local, national and global scale.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of corporate self-regulation with the ambition to be more socially accountable. CSR was initially confined to the business world but has become embedded in higher education in the last decade. Most public higher education institutions (universities) now seek to achieve sustainable development.

OBC has embedded Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and social responsibility (charity) into its Success Strategy. A sustainable future depends on the choices and decisions people make about education, the environment, food security, health and well-being, gender issues and energy use.
P34B Ltd CSR Accreditation

P34B Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

Environmental and social responsibility is inherent within their business operating model. The CSR application has been prepared to enable P34B to challenge itself on the completeness and comprehensiveness of existing arrangements. Through this process P34B seeks to establish a baseline of performance, achieve independent endorsement of commitments to date and identify strategies which enable them to sustain and drive continuous improvement in our their CSR performance and credentials.
Parc Trostre Retail Park CSR-A

Parc Trostre Retail Park - Gold CSR Accreditation

Parc Trostre Retail Park in Llanelli is one of South Wales largest retail parks and shopping destinations. They have made considerable efforts to ensure a light touch on the environment and engage with the retail and wider community, developing a number of impactful initiatives and far reaching strategies. logo - CSR-A

Pay.UK - Silver CSR Accredited

Pay.UK is an organisation with social purpose at its heart. Through our Bacs Payments System, Faster Payment System and cheque Image Clearing System we provide the UK’s critical financial infrastructure that enables individuals and organisations to transfer money to others whenever they need to, quickly, safely and cheaply.

As our new strategy and culture have become increasingly embedded across our organisation it has been no surprise to see colleagues at every level – from entry level graduates to C-suite Executives - come together to create a corporate, social responsibility programme.
Pink Spaghetti CSR-A

Pink Spaghetti High Wycombe & Aylesbury - Bronze CSR Accreditation

Virtual Assistant High Wycombe & Aylesbury
Pink Spaghetti High Wycombe & Aylesbury is a small business providing virtual PA services to mostly local clients, who are also small businesses. We are part of a national franchise, Pink Spaghetti PA Services and are a home-based business. This means we have a light environmental footprint as there is no office to support or daily commute.
CSR-A Prolectric-logo

Prolectric Services Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

Prolectric is the market leading supplier of solar and battery-powered lighting and power to the construction and infrastructure industry in the UK. Silent and clean, its products are providing a viable alternative to diesel-powered generators. The company has built an exciting range of technologies that is disrupting the market from the more traditional solutions. Many of the activities that fit under the four pillars of CSR have been carried out for a number of years within Prolectric. Central to the values of the business is being socially responsible. Our Managing Director Chris Williams has been involved in environmental related businesses for the majority of his working career.

Q1care Ltd - Bronze CSR Accredited

As a care company, Q1Care Ltd is committed to Social Responsibility practices in all areas of the business where possible. The company is making an enormous effort to strengthen existing policies, create new policies and support the general attitude toward social responsibility already seen within the company; from the Managing Director down to the care staff. We aim to be honest and transparent in all meaningful interactions to make a positive impact on clients, their loved ones, staff and the wider community.

Regulatory Finance Solutions Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

As a small, local employer, we recognise the impact that our actions have on our employees, neighbours, the local community, and the wider environment. 2019 has seen CSR pushed to the top of the company’s agenda, with updates listed at every board meeting, an accountable director and the ‘Happy Green Group’ monthly meetings to ensure we are doing the best we can for the environment, our employees, our community, our clients and our supply chain.

Robert Woodhead Ltd - Gold CSR Accredited

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of everything we do. The vast majority of our turnover is from local authority customers which means we have absolutely emended corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all our operations. We have our own Corporate Social Responsibility policy which is regularly reviewed and have adopted a ‘Themes’ ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Measures’ (TOMs) approach to planning and delivering Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure economic, environmental and social commitments are achieved, whilst delivering value for money.
Rothbury Community Hospital CSR-A

Rothbury Community Hospital - Gold CSR Accreditation

A 12-bed inpatient ward, services that operate from the hospital will continue as normal, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, outpatient, child health clinics and community paramedic services.
Ryall Marketing Logo

Ryall Marketing - Gold CSR Accredited

Ryall Marketing’s CSR approach is strongly driven by the directors’ (Nicola and Angus) belief in supporting the local community and environment. CSR initiatives are integrated throughout each aspect of the company’s work, helping us to further sustain the local area through contribution toward local businesses, schools, and charities, as well as our own workers and the environment in which they live. By maintaining a company ethos which looks after our surroundings, Ryall Marketing achieves the essential balance between acting responsibly whilst providing high value to our local clients. This creates a healthy work environment which continually supports our staff whilst simultaneously connecting us with the surrounding community.
Savient Logo CSR-A

Savient Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

Savient is a bespoke software development consultancy with a specialisation in the big data space. They were founded in 2016 and have an amazing team of highly talented software professionals. They evolved from Cheltenham and continue to have a high presence in the area and involvement in the cyber industry and collaborating with our Hub8 community.

We feel that with more people comes more opportunity to participate in a diverse range of CSR and other social, environmental and community activities, including increasing our collaboration with the Growth Hub, Hub8 and CyNam communities.

Seymour Taylor - Silver CSR Accredited

Corporate Social Responsibility is important to Seymour Taylor as we see it as a way that we can positively contribute to our society. There are many different strands to CSR and we recognise that each of the different areas are important. At Seymour Taylor we offer you the services of a large corporate accountancy firm, with the personal touch normally associated with a smaller accountancy practice. As one of the longest established firms of Accountants in High Wycombe and the Thames Valley, we offer a wealth of expertise. Our highly experienced team of accountants, tax and business advisers can assist you with all your accountancy needs.

Sharp-aX Computer Systems Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

Sharp-aX Computer Systems Limited is aiming to adopt a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility to formalise existing processes and practices. As a software development company much of what we produce is intangible and have therefore chosen to focus primarily on internal behaviours and how we interact with those around us, rather than looking to ensure that our product has a positive social impact. To this end we have focused on our environmental impact - electricity use, waste products, and customer trips and what we can do for our local community via - food donations, offering IT support to local charitable organisations and what we can achieve for our staff in a health initiative & flexible working etc

Shirley Parsons Ltd - Silver CSR Accredited

Shirley Parsons Ltd, as part of the Identify Group, have a CSR Policy, HR-POL 028 version 3, last updated 8 October 2018 (see Appendix 1). The purpose of this Policy is to set out the values of the Identify Group and member companies (the Group) in relation to corporate social responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how companies conduct their business in an ethical way, taking account of their impact economically, socially, environmentally and in terms of human rights. CSR includes social partners such as local communities, and global responsibilities such as protecting the environment and ensuring good labour standards in overseas suppliers.
CSR-A Silvertone Technology Cluster

Silverstone Technology Cluster

We are at the very start of our journey, but we have made an ongoing commitment towards sustainability by joining the SME Climate Hub pledge to reach Net Zero by 2040 and we are part of the UN’s Race to Zero Campaign. Throughout 2022/2023 we will be measuring our carbon footprint and assessing ways to reduce it, as we aim to lead by example and encourage our stakeholders to start changing their practices. We will be utilizing a range of tools provided by the SME CH to work towards Net Zero, while continuing to support local initiatives and community volunteering. We plan set up partnerships with national nature charities to support forests and woodlands across the country and fight climate change by looking after what we already have. We are committed to leading by example and we always ensure our work supports our members, our suppliers, our partners, and the community we operate in and this application to become CSR accredited is another step we are taking to raise awareness and drive change to create a greater positive impact.
CSR-A Simplify Consulting

Simplify Consulting Ltd - Gold CSR Accreditation

at Simplify is to make changes to create a more sustainable environment in which we operate. We have implemented both practicable and effective initiatives for our business. Our CSR and Environmental Policy ensures that as a team we take responsibility for our impact on sustainability. Our goal is to work in a zero waste and carbon neutral environment. We support local charities and have fundraised since the company’s inception and provide sponsorship for Nick Hollis, 721 Challenge, local sportsmen and a sports youth team. We have committed to changing our habits in line with SDG’s and as collectively, we make an impact to 13/17 of the SDG’s.

Stone - Silver CSR Accredited

The sustainable development of the business is a key focus for the Board of Stone Technologies Limited. The Board of Directors meet monthly and the Executive Directors meet twice weekly. Sustainability issues are identified through continued 360-degree engagement with all relevant stakeholder groups and addressed by the Board. The strategy is fully communicated to key stakeholders and encompasses the Company's intentions in respect to financial targets, employee development, trading and supply chain partners, environmental and social development. This strategic planning has enabled the continuous delivery of tangible financial, societal and stakeholder results across all operating areas.
CSR-A - SSFS logo

Strategic Solutions Financial Services - Silver CSR Accredited

Strategic Solutions takes their CSR seriously and have had a policy in place since their inception in 2010. Their commitment to this is evidenced across the organisation in lots of ways. They already have in place many initiatives to be ecofriendly. It is something they promote across the firm and continue to look at innovative ways to improve. They can also demonstrate where this commitment has had positive financial impacts. Their Community Foundation is at the heart of their philanthropic activity in working with the wider community in helping local charities both financially and practically. But it is not just about financial contributions, the team are dedicated in supporting local charities and the community with their time and expertise.
Charitable  associationfor the Care of Rheumatology Patients - Rheumatology CSR-A

The Charitable association for the Care of Rheumatology Patients - Saudi Arabia - Silver CSR Accreditation

We have developed a detailed Society Social Responsibility Policy outlining ways to integrate the environment, labor practices, human rights and all issues of community beneficiaries into our business objectives. We have set for ourselves measurable strategic goals that we seek to achieve in order to be one of the leading associations in the charitable sector and social responsibility . We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through waste management, electronic transformation of our business, and the inclusion of online meetings as an alternative to face-to-face meetings during the Corona pandemic. and Diversity and Access Policy. Success in obtaining CSR accreditation will be a clear testimony to our employees and beneficiaries that we focus on the four pillars of CSR: Environment, Workplace, Community and charitable work and they can trust us to be a responsible charitable organization that fulfills the principles of justice and ethics.
United Ukrainians logo CSR-A

United Ukrainians - Gold CSR Accreditation

The foundation was created at the height of the war, and at the beginning the charitable activity functioned as a spontaneous initiative. With his own funds and efforts, the founder of the fund covered the primary needs of the army and the civilian population, which suffered as a result of the war. It was the desire to help the country more and unite people that became the impetus for the official foundation of the fund. The fund's activities are based on the principles of freedom, democracy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
CSR-A Vaultex

Vaultex UK Ltd - Gold CSR Accreditation

Vaultex focus on authentic, tangible metrics that make real differences to their stakeholders – be it people internally, or suppliers and local communities externally. Their resources and budgets aren’t huge, but the impact they make is quantifiable in the feedback they receive from those we work with. Authenticity and making sure ESG is truly lived throughout the business is a necessity, and a challenge Vaultex never underestimates.
Wansbeck General Hospital CSR-A

Wansbeck General Hospital - Gold CSR Accreditation

Wansbeck is a general hospital with a walk-in urgent care centre (open 8am-10pm), diagnostic testing, 12 wards and outpatient clinics covering a range of specialties.
Willis Owen CSR-A

Willis Owen Limited - Silver CSR Accredited

As a business we acknowledge that running our business has an effect on society. In particular, we have a responsibility to our customers, our employees, and the wider community in which we operate. We are committed to taking responsibility for our actions and by putting CSR into practice, we are committed, wherever possible to:
• Conducting ourselves responsibly and in an ethical manner
• Creating a positive and supportive work environment
• Improving service levels to our customers
• Acting fairly in our dealings with our suppliers
• Minimising our impact on the environment
• Supporting local communities
We are at the beginning of our CSR journey and going through this process has allowed us to see that although there are many things we are currently doing as a business, there is also more we can do in this area. We plan to further engage with our employees as they all have a part to play in complying with and moving our CSR journey forward in the coming years.
WTAGroup Logo CSR Accreditation

World Transport Agency Limited - Silver CSR Accreditaton

CSR has always been at the forefront of WTA practices as a family run business. WTA has been ahead of competition when it comes to looking at their carbon footprint, providing information to their customers and engaging long term with charities. The environmental impact of the company’s activities has always been at the forefront of the company’s owners who have driven multiple activities to decrease this impact. The CSR endeavours are reflected in the way employees are being taken care of, from employee benefits to internal communication and support the employee received for their mental health during the COVID pandemic. This accreditation is the first step on their CSR journey, which the company has committed to, with a programme of stakeholder engagement and carbon footprint scheduled for 2022.
CSR-A Your Business Needs Me

Your Business Needs Me - Gold CSR Accredited

I work with small-business owners and sole-traders to create and implement a sustainability strategy and clearly defined goals to achieve this. This ensures that a socially responsible mindset and its practices are at the core of the business. I am passionate about the environment and reducing the negative impact that we, as businesses, have upon it. We all want to leave a better world for future generations and I firmly believe that each of us can reduce our impact by following a few simple steps.
I am immensely proud that in 2021, Your Business Needs Me was awarded a Gold CSR Accreditation, becoming the first sole-trader to have done so. Your Business Needs Me will enable you to understand your environmental and social impact, to take action and to reap the benefits of integrating social responsibility into your business.
  • Abu Dhabi Terminals – Gold CSR Re-Accreditation
  • B-Safe Health and Safety – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Burns & McDonell Europe – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • BWB Technologies Ltd – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Carbon Mark – Bronze CSR Accreditation
  • Charterhouse – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Cobine Carmelson – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Design Conformity – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Disrupt Agency (Ellis Knight) Gold CSR Accreditation
  • EOS Security – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • EWI Pro – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Firefly Merchandise – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Freshney Place Shopping Centre – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Haines Watts Reading – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Independent Marketing Services – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Intisar Foundation – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Kickstart Asia – Bronze CSR Accreditation
  • Mirror Web – Silver Re-Accreditation
  • Northumbria NHS Trust – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • North Tower Consulting – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Odyssey Project – Charity – Gold Accreditation
  • Parc Trostre retail Park – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Pebble Marketing – Bronze CSR Accreditation
  • Prolectric Services – Gold CSR Accreditation (Re-accred)
  • Qatar Museums – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Revegro – Bronze CSR Accreditation
  • Roberts Metal – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Shirley Parsons – Third Re-accreditation – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Specialist Crafts Dryad Education – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Shpun – Bronze CSR Accreditation
  • United Development Qatar– Gold CSR Accreditation
  • XLNC – Bronze CSR Accreditation
  • Your Business Needs Me – Re-accreditation – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Your Consulting Group – Gold CSR Accreditation
  • Wear Rivers Trust – Silver CSR Accreditation
  • Xpress Labels – Silver CSR Accreditation


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  • Increase sales and customer loyalty, operational costs and overall better financial performance.
  • By reducing resource use, waste and emissions, you can help the environment and save money.
  • Increase your attraction for new employees or retain existing staff.


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