CSR-A Richard Collins Speaker

CSR-A Richard Collins Speaker

Richard Collins – Founder of CSR-A

Enabling Social Responsibility to build ethical and caring organisations

Richards’s emotive stories and passion for positive impact should be experienced by all.
A keynote speaker & presenter who inspires, motivates, and educates his audiences through his energy, positivity, and most of all – his determination that we can build a better world for future generations.

Richard is determined to share the knowledge he has gained through years of experience. He will inspire those to use the tools he will provide to move forwards and leave a legacy for good. Richard’s audiences have spanned the globe, from the Middle East, Africa, U.S.A, Europe and all across the UK.

His holistic approach to social responsibility impacts all areas of life. It is combined with a powerful desire to continually learn and teach others what life has taught him and fuels his commitment to encourage people to challenge themselves. This allows us to make positive impacts and ensure a better world to live and work in.

Richard has regularly given interactive presentations and workshops, worked with organisations, teams and individuals across a variety of industries and sectors. His unique approach can be translated across all departments, lifting morale, and helping teams and individuals reach their purpose with actionable and measured impacts.


  • Introducing a holistic approach to sustainability and social responsibility
    • The inclusive C in CSR – we can all make a positive difference
  • The CSR four pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy
    • Empowering responsible leadership
    • Enriching the quality of life for all
  • Ensuring a sustainable and profitable future
  • Showing the clear financial and social value through positive impact
  • Addressing ESG and aligning with the UN SDG’s
  • Capacity, enablement and Impact reporting

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CSR-A Richard Collins Keynote

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