CSR Accreditation provides a structure that can help an organisation plan and act responsibly

“88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that
supports and engages in activities to improve society.”

Your completed CSR application can also be used as the basis for
your organisations Social Responsibility policy.

Why get accreditation

Social Responsibility – The future shape of business

Why get accreditation:
CSR-A has introduced a standard system that provides a simple and straight forward process where you can record your organisations activity against the Social Responsibility Four Pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy. Each Social Responsibility Pillar is designed to help you audit, benchmark, improve, and impact report on areas such as energy and waste, health and wellbeing, community engagement and supporting charities. The CSR Accreditation shapes a policy that can then be developed in line with an ongoing Social Responsibility strategy that is integrated with the business strategy

It is clear that organisations who understand their social responsibilities and explore ways in which Social Responsibility can be built into strategy are more likely to reap the rewards of enhanced competitive positions in the future, benefiting not only their shareholders but all stakeholders involved and the society at large.

Customers want to trust organisations they engage with. Employees want to work for values-driven employers and investors want to know that a company is addressing its ethical responsibility.

Sustainable and social purpose with profit – the future for successful businesses and organisations

  • A Social Responsibility Accreditation will help you, the Managing Director, Business Owner or Senior Executive, set better goals, make better decisions and improve your relationships.
  • A Social Responsibility programme will improve many business functions, like streamlining the hiring process, improve turnover, build a great team, as well as increase profits, sales and customer services.
  • A Social Responsibility Policy is a powerful force that gives meaning to people’s lives, reduces uncertainty and creates stability. It can also the determinant of the success or failure of an organisation.
  • CSR Accreditation helps with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) reporting and in identifying the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which you may wish to support.

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Social Responsibility has many advantages that can apply to any business, regardless of its size or sector.

A CSR Accrediation establishes a process that you can use every year to monitor and report your Social Responsibility activities. It will enable you show both financial and social value.

It is amazing what we are already doing in the arena of Social Responsibility that we don’t talk about.
Many or indeed most of us will have already implemented positive action in one or more
of the four pillars.

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CSR Benefits

Social Responsibility – driving forward successful businesses

Better brand recognition:
Improve your brand reputation to all of your audiences through delivering responsible practices throughout your business, the communities where we work, and your supply chain.

Positive business reputation:
Building a reputation as a responsible business can lead to competitive advantage.

Customer engagement:
Using CSR Aaccreditation can help you engage with your customers in new ways. Since the message is about something ‘good’, it can often be an easier way to talk to your customers. Companies often favour suppliers who have responsible policies, since this can reflect on how their customers see them. Some customers don’t just prefer to deal with responsible companies – they insist on it.

Employee engagement:
Employees want to feel proud of the organisation they work for and are less likely to look for a job elsewhere. Accreditation show an emotional investment that enriches the quality of our lives by delivering social value and purpose. It reduces absenteeism and improves productivity.

Attract talent – become an employer of choice
CSR activities can help forge a stronger bond between employee and employer, they can boost morale and can help both employees and employers feel more connected with each other and the world around them. An organisation that delivers social value is lining up their values with those of the next generation

Investors are more likely to be attracted to and continue to support companies that demonstrate a commitment not only to employees and customers, but also to causes and organizations that impact the lives of others.

Show how your organisation is minimising negative environmental impact, conserving resources, saving energy and reducing waste.

Tendering Trends:
A robust approach to Social Responsibility can give you an advantage in the tender process.
It is now common place to be scored on your Social Responsibility performance including health and wellbeing of staff when tendering for both pubic and private projects.

PR and Marketing:
CSR accreditation provides the opportunity to share positive stories online and through traditional media.

Social Responsibility is not something for the short term. It’s all about achieving long term results and business continuity.





All successful CSR Accreditation’s will be automatically entered into the International CSR Excellence Awards.


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  • Create an inclusive program of CSR activities that staff can engage with and feel proud off.
  • Increase sales and customer loyalty, operational costs and overall better financial performance.
  • By reducing resource use, waste and emissions, you can help the environment and save money.
  • Increase your attraction for new employees or retain existing staff.