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Kick start your CSR policy with our discovery
workshop seminar

CSR Workshops

Doing good is good business

A compelling 2 hour workshop to show how your CSR credentials can help improve sales…

A compelling 2 hour workshop to show how your CSR credentials can help improve sales and many other performance factors vital to a successful business. The discovery workshop can be delivered as a presentation at your workplace or other specified venue or
online at a reduced cost.
• Brand loyalty and Corporate & Social Responsibility.
• Increase customer retention.
• Enhance your brand reputation
This workshop aims to explore the four pillars of CSR. Good CSR policies drive corporate change. With well defined objectives and measurable targets, your CSR policy will provide the foundation for steps towards running a more sustainable and ethical business.

‘Become CSR Accredited’ workshop

A enlightening 2 hour workshop to show how your organisation can become CSR Accredited – Start improving the reputation of your business right now!

This workshop guides you through the process of CSR Accreditation Application. It explores the CSR four pillars and how you can pull together the information you need to delver a compelling CSR policy.

Workshops are £150 per person. Workshops can also be provided for companies at their premises for multiple delegates. Price on application. Call now to book your workshop: 01494 444494 or emal:

One day Corporate Social Responsibility training course

This Corporate Social Responsibility training course aims to help organisations understand how they can create a CSR policy that promotes environmental, work, community and philanthropic issues and how they can work in ways that deliver positive outcomes

See our events calendar for workshops and training dates

This CSR training course is for those who wish to develop their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The course is also suitable for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the importance of CSR in the workplace.

The course is divided into 7 modules with an assessment at the end.

For more information email:  or call: 01494 444494


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