CSR-A Social Impact Report

CSR-A Social Impact Report
Showing purpose with profits

Social impact reports (SIRs) are similar to (and often run alongside) an annual report. They show all your audiences and stakeholders the beneficial outcomes and future plans that your business is making through environmental, workplace, community and philanthropic commitments. These include, not just the intrinsic benefits social responsibility has to the planet and to society but also the vital return on social investment (ROSI). This includes operational and financial savings, employee engagement and bottom line benefits that are vital for tendering, ESG scoring for financial investment, organisational sustainability, advisories for future development and ultimately long term business sustainability.

Impact report production is a service which draws from content that you have already composed, your CSR-Accreditation application and is the ultimate culmination of all the efforts you have made. SIRs are an invaluable marketing and communications tool for evidencing and showcasing positive socially responsible activity. Visually demonstrate that by putting values at the heart of your organisation you will deliver a sustainable profit. Your SIR should be distributed throughout your audiences internally and externally.

Your social impact report will enable you to:

  • Review your current impact against your vision and goals.
  • Inform ESG scoring and benefit external tendering.
  • Create a learning organisation where people focus on results, adapt and continually improve.
  • Motivate staff and all stakeholders through celebrating effort and achievements.
  • Build trust, engagement and credibility with all of your organisation’s audiences.
  • Share innovation and lessons with other organisations.
  • Promote your CSR Accreditation and other recognitions.
  • Show where your activity corresponds to the UNSDGs

To see a selection of published Social Impact Reports please visit our RESOURCES PAGE

Reports are available as 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 pages or larger if required, below is a guide to prices:

12 pages: £2,700
16 pages: £3,600
20 pages: £4,500
24 pages: £5,400
28 pages: £6,300
32 pages: £7,200

“We were blown away by the Social Impact Report that CSR-A have produced for
us. It was amazing to see our efforts illustrated in this way. Our people are thrilled
and proud of how socially responsible we are. Increasingly, we are getting more
questions from clients concerning our CSR credentials including our ESG scoring
and our support of the UNSDGs. We send out this document as evidence to show
we are a socially responsible organisation.” Chris Williams – MD Prolectric


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