CSR-A Meeting Dr Hana Al Banna

Social Connectivity – meeting our partners face to face

Social Connectivity – meeting our partners face to face

Social Connectivity – meeting our partners face to face

It was so exciting to actually meet Dr. Hanaa Al Banna face to face for the first time. We were introduced via LinkedIn through a webinar arranged by Alice Troiano way back in April last year.

Since then CSR Accreditation have developed a close partnership with Hana, which has enabled us to build a strong presence across the MENA region. This has included Hana delivering our CSR Training in Arabic across the Gulf States in collaboration with the International Union of Social Responsibility.

It is amazing just how much has been achieved via our various digital platforms, but so important to have direct social connectivity. So nice to meet, chat and plan to change the world for the better in person.

What is CSR Accrediation?
Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of excellence in Social Responsibility. The accreditation helps you integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into your business operations and strategy.

A CSR Accreditation can be used to:

  • Deliver the information required for ESG (Environmental Social Governance) reporting
  • Identify the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which you may wish to support.
  • Write a Social Value policy
  • Reduce negative impact on climate change
  • Produce a Social Impact Report.
  • Enrich, enable and engage employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

CSR-A run the only CSR Accreditation scheme in the UK and now operate globally
The CSR Accreditation is an effective way to benchmark what you are already doing with regard to social responsibility. It is a process in which you collate, measure and report on your organisation’s socially responsible activities. An accreditation will also provide you with a roadmap for planning future activity.

This is a fully holistic and inclusive approach that allows for all organisations – private, public and third sector and is for all sizes from sole traders to large corporations. It employs a white paper approach that promotes an organisation’s individuality.

The application process provides a simple and straightforward template where you record activity against the Social Responsibility ‘Four Pillars’ of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy. Each Social Responsibility Pillar is designed to help you impact report on areas such as energy performance, recycling, staff engagement, health and well-being, community engagement and support for local and national charities.

The establishment of a CSR Accreditation is a crucial component of a company’s competitiveness and something that should be led by the business itself. For companies, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders.