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Social Impact Report

Social and Environmental Purpose with Profit

A Social Impact Report is similar to an Annual Report and shows all your audiences the impact that your organisation is making through its CSR commitments. This includes financial benefits, environmental impact, staff and stakeholder engagement, positive impact on communities and charities.

This report can be submitted as part of a CSR Accreditation application or it can be based on your successful CSR Accreditation. The report becomes an essential tool for bench-marking and measuring your CSR Impact and will include advisories for future development.

The report becomes a useful marketing and communications tool for showing evidence and positive output. It shows that by putting values at the heart of your organisation you will deliver a sustainable profit.

The report shows that through ‘impact investing’ your organisation has made a significant return on its social impact to society and the environment as well as on it’s bottom line.

Good Impact Reporting is an essential part of impact measurement, it allows you and others to learn from your work and it promotes a culture of accountability and transparency. However, many organisations struggle with what information to include in their reports (and what to leave out), and how best to present their impact data.

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Reporting your impact will help you to:

  • review your impact against your vision and goals
  • create a learning organisation where people focus on results and adapt and improve services
  • motivate staff and all stakeholders through celebrating achievements
  • build trust and credibility with all of your organisations audiences
  • share lessons with other organisations
  • Engage all your staff

Impact measurement is a collaborative effort. We will work with key individuals to learn about data they are already collecting and how they can record outcomes as they proceed. We can then build a culture of learning across the whole organisation by including the Social Impact Report in inductions and job descriptions, reviewing it in meetings and appraisals, and encouraging you to share impact stories in regular staff communications.

You can also feature areas that cover the Sustainable Development Goals.

To find out more about how we can help you write, design and publish your organisations Social Impact Report:

Call: 01494 444494

Download our Social Impact Report Brochure HERE

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