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Accrescent CSR-A

Accrescent Global Service

Accrescent Global Services is a global social sector (CSR, NGOs & Government) consulting firm with a team of professionals having experience of 24 years in social sector. We are equipped with third party project impact evaluation, CSR & NGOs accreditation, CSR end-to-end solutions, NGO due diligence and credibility reporting, connecting CSR with innovative projects of credible NGOs and vies-a-versa.

The objective of our services is to provide meaningful solutions for CSRs, NGOs and Government programs, connect likeminded agencies and organizations for betterment of less privileged people. While working in social sector for more than two decades we came across some of the areas of improvement in program planning and management, like need based interventions, focused objectives, measurable impact based project planning, learning from past experiences and team capability for effective program management. Through our committed services we fill these gaps by effective solutions. We know there are very good CSRs who are in search of credible NGOs and innovative projects and there are NGOs who are good in grass root project implementation however they lack in sustainable project proposal preparation in line with CSR requirement. In this regards we serve them in their capacity building and help CSRs to connect with them.

Our Services include – CSR program end-to-end solutions, Project impact evaluation, NGO Due Diligence, Project Planning, Team capacity building, developing partnership between credible NGOs and CSRs and Government.

Please connect with us:
Mr. Upendra Sontakke, CEO & Co-founder Cell: +91 99302 32082 /9324653661, E-mail:
Mr. Amol Unde, MD & Co-founder Cell: +91 9833531382, E-mail:

B Other Wise Ltd

B Other Wise will take you on a journey to improve your profit while giving back to the People, the Community and the Planet

For Muryel Boulay - Founder It all started with food and where it came from, with the importance of the produce linked to the land.

Food manufacturing took me around the world and made me aware of the importance of taking care of the planet and its inhabitants for the future generations

At B Other Wise , we ask questions to help you build a sustainability strategy and action plan that is right for your business, your employees, your suppliers, your customers and your board members

We shine the light onto your activities so that UN SDGs become a way of being and doing business

CSR-A Cande Consulting New Logo small

Cande Consulting

Cande Consulting specialises in events, travel, sustainability & corporate social responsibility.

Our aim is to offer solutions that support businesses to not only become more sustainable but to help you communicate this.

We offer insights, reporting, training, project development, policy advice, PR, marketing & content and research for you and your customers.

Sam Cande CEO of Cande Consulting has over 20 years’ experience in managing large international B2B conferences and exhibitions where she was previously director of The Business Travel Show, Travel Technology Europe, Homes Exhibition, Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms and Sustain Magazine.

Sam is the founder of Level, a not-for-profit organisation that drives parity in the travel industry. She has a true passion for sustainability and CSR that has followed her throughout her career since her position as Director of Sustain Magazine in 2008 and enjoyed a position as Chair of The Business Travel Association Sustainable Committee.

Design Conformity

Design Conformity help furniture manufacturers produce more sustainable products by measuring and reporting their carbon efficiency.

Design Conformity was established on April 1st, 2017, by Adam Hamilton-Fletcher and Mark Holloway. Adam had previously worked for a retail lighting manufacturer, and Mark was formerly the head of store furniture design at Boots.

Since 2017 they have been working with retailers, brands, manufacturers and suppliers to introduce clear guidance to improve safety and reduce the carbon impact of fixtures and furniture in commercial store interiors.

To accomplish this, they have assembled an extraordinary team of industry professionals possessing unique insights and extensive experience within the industry.

“Collaboration with DC, a like-minded and passionate organisation, is the cornerstone of driving positive change. Together, we can inspire and empower manufacturers to embrace their Net Zero commitments. Our collective effort is about engaging all stakeholders to build a legacy of positivity for future generations, all while securing a sustainable and prosperous future for businesses.”

In Conversation with Richard from CSR-A and Adam from Design Conformity: An interview by Katie Furmston

To find out more visit:
Edward Packshaw CSR-A

Edward Packshaw

Edward Packshaw, is a qualified sustainability specialist with experience in corporate CSR and sustainable education. Edward can support organisations with carbon footprinting, net-zero or carbon-positive planning, CSR strategy and policy development, volunteer programme development and carbon offsetting. He specialises in education, meaning he can also deliver workshops and training to help companies better understand their impact.

Edward is also the founder of the Responsible Schools Project, aimed at helping schools become carbon and community positive, having spent 5 years building Africa’s first sustainable school.

CSR-A Envirotectors


Envirotectors is an internationally endorsed partnership providing diverse specialized consulting and management services in environment and sustainable development. Its clientele include governments, local and regional authorities, donor agencies, international organizations, civil and non-governmental bodies, multinational corporations and the business/private sector community with a strict focus to shed light on the wide aspects of CSR, ESG and sustainable growth. We are one of the first organizations in Egypt, Africa and the MENA region that empowers different organizations from various market sectors to achieve groundbreaking transitions to become environmentally, ,economically, and socially responsible.

Envirotectorsis dedicated to supporting small, medium and large size companies by boosting their values and enhancing their positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the world whilst maintaining both sustainability and profitability.

Envirotectors brings together an international team of experts with in-depth expertise in all aspects related to environment and sustainable development. Envirotectors utilize state-of-the-art methodologies, technologies, equipment and adapt them to local needs, conditions and resources wherever possible to make profound changes. The diversity and experience of Envirotectors along with its staff, have enabled it to act as a channel of communication between various corporations, Government entities, countries and cultures, allowing it to positively and effectively contribute to sustainable development.
CSR-A Internatioal Union for Social Responsibility

International Union for Social Responsibility

International Union for Social Responsibility (IUSR) is a registered organization under the laws of the United States of America. It is concerned with the universal values shared worldwide and the barriers of social responsibility; therefore, IUSR strives to ignite organizations passion toward social responsibilities, using international standards and partnerships.

The IUSR will operate globally; through workshops, conferences, training programs, seminars, forms, events, activities, awards, certification, research studies, and membership program. IUSR aims to strengthen organizations: private, government, and non-government in the social responsibility duty and role as well as gain advantage of the provided membership benefits.

Establishment of the Union:

The International Union for Social Responsibility was established to encourage, develop, and assist the responsible practices for both government and private sectors and the non-government through promoting the best professional practices, and introduce positive models of application of social responsibility that are in accordance with the global standards. This initiative, is the first of its kind worldwide to develop a union that seeks to host specialized entities and those related to the field of social responsibility whether it be governmental, private, and or non-government under one umbrella.

Kapshoo CSR Accreditation


Kapshoo is devoted to cultivating life's celebrations, serving as an inclusive, accessible mobile app and platform for preserving treasured life stories and fostering personal and societal well-being. Our mission is to create innovative, user-centric digital experiences that promote emotional, cognitive, and mental health resilience while strengthening authentic social connections. We are committed to integrating personal and professional realms through sustainable intelligence, converging efficiency and ecology for the collective good. At Kapshoo, we aspire to transform lives, communities, and our planet through humane technology, igniting profound social bonds, enhancing personal happiness, and driving positive societal impact.

McAndrew Leadership

McAndrew Leadership is a training and consultancy firm working to empower non-profit, charity and private sector organisations. Our services have enabled organisations to adopt inclusive and responsible business policies and practices around the world, helping them to achieve organizational sustainability.

Our deep desire is to pass on our skills and expertise to our esteemed partners and clients, as well as new and growing future leaders within our own organisation. We bring together experts across commercial and humanitarian sectors to train, mentor and empower current and future leaders.

Since 2016, McAndrew has expanded its operations to strengthen private companies and different non-profits around the globe, through services that include SDG training, fundraising strategy and organisational development. Through our wide-ranging CSR service, we are determined to help organisations go beyond charity, encouraging them to drive through sustained, socially-responsible changes that maximise their impact on their employees, local communities and society at large.
First Thirty CSR-A

Phil Curtis - First Thirty

First Thirty is a business performance consulting firm based in Oxford. It promotes sustainable and responsible business practices and seeks to build them into company growth strategies and resilient operations that offer a competitive advantage when raising investment, seeking new customers, and finding or retaining talented employees.

Report Scope

ReportScope is a registered SDG Reporting Consultancy that seeks to sustain social investments made by business. We believe the SDGs are an ideal platform to enable a framework that ensures CSR programs are relevant - accredited - have a strong business case - are well reported on and add comparable value to society. Through guidance by the SDGs, the Consultancy offers the following services:


  • Report Scope was established by Velakhe Mbingo A goal-oriented and results-driven sustainability practitioner who is passionate about the potential role of SDGs in sustaining CSR.

    TBG logo-purpose CSR Accreditation

    The Bassiouni Group

    The Bassiouni Group is a global consulting firm focused on Sustainability, Innovation and Impact. The firm leverages the knowledge of 1000+ experts in over 150 countries to provide critical solutions to companies, institutions and governments. Its mission is to empower clients, positively impact the communities in which they operate and improve the overall quality of life. TBG Purpose (TBGP), a division of TBG, is a leading CSR/Sustainability partner for corporations, institutions and governments. By providing an integrated set of Sustainability solutions, TBG Purpose enables organizations to meet their ESG objectives in line with the SDGs and global reporting standards/frameworks.
    Gneiss Logo CSR-A

    The Gneiss Way

    The Gneiss Way is an international responsible project management consultancy. We are a team of professionals who have a passion for building social and environmental standards within the construction industry.

    When it comes to CSR activities and the impact, it has on the construction industry. We understand Five stakeholders play a prominent role in shaping the environmental and social impacts of construction on the one hand and deciding on its cost structure on the other: the property developer, the general contractor, the investor, and the future user and owner. CSR measures are implemented only if at least one of these critical stakeholders requires them.

    We deliver research, strategy, advise and monitor responsible-driven projects. We also ensure our clientele are not only at a competitive advantage. But are equipped with the right tools to grow CSR as the heart of their enterprise and development.

    For further information:

    The Ordinary Foundation

    We are a team of Educationalist /Project Heads /Agricultural Scientist who have handled more than 50 + projects across various spectrum within the Educational & other eco-system. Besides with the team of Certified Trainers and with Vocational Skills Specialization we have transformed many lives .

    Our primary work includes various market studies & impact assessment & CSR consulting, community development, NGO Management which has helped various corporate enabling them to perform at their best in building the society. With a decade of sound experience we have worked with various sector skills councils such as Automotive ,Logistics ,Retail, Tourism & Capital Goods,Beauty & Wellness etc .

    Our Biggest strengths involve the following activities such as

  • Sustainability
  • Skill Development
  • NGO Management
  • Community Development
  • Sustainable Development

  • Established by Shan.A an Educationalist & Certified Trainer with Vocational Skills Specialization which includes various market studies & Impact assessment & CSR consulting which has helped various corporate enabling them to perform at their best . I have a vast experience in anchoring multiple areas such as IT- Information Technology, Sales, & Automotive across India catering the corporate and educational sectors.

    CSR-A CSR Regional Network LOGO

    The Regional Network for Social Responsibility

    The Regional Network for Social Responsibility is an international non-profit professional institution that was established in 2007, and has branches, offices and representative agreements in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the State of Qatar, the State of Kuwait, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Tunisia, the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of France, Turkey,, the Sultanate of Oman, the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, and the United States of America.

    The Regional Network for Social Responsibility aims to raise the level of awareness about the social responsibility of companies and institutions, and work to strengthen it in the companies, institutions, governmental, civil and private sectors.

    The network seeks for social responsibility to achieve its goals by providing consultancy services, implementing training programs and specialized workshops, as well as organizing forums and press conferences in the areas of social responsibility, sustainable development, green economy, community service and institutional volunteering.

    It aims helping companies and institutions to make their practices, business and activities accountable and in line with the standards of sustainable development.

    CSR-A Toro Consultants

    Toro Consultants

    NAZ TOROPDAR advises both corporations and voluntary sector organisations across different industries – including professional services, construction, INGOs and grant making - on corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, governance and operations matters. He is an accountant and project manager with considerable commercial experience.

    In the early part of his career, he held commercial facing roles within a FMCG company and with his passion for the community, Naz also led the CSR for this bluechip – delivering fresh new ideas around sustainability and community engagement.

    He later moved into the voluntary sector and worked with a number of organisations in senior capacities. Naz played a significant role in establishing a grant-making body supporting disadvantaged communities here in Britain, and has worked with renowned UK charitable trusts and foundations. He led on the foundation’s governance, operations, grants management, programmes, learning and impact assessment, and its endowment portfolio. Naz’s interest lies in community development and therefore volunteers for a number of community initiatives and organisations – focussed around young people and blood donations.
    USDS International CSR-A

    USDS International Ltd

    USDS international Ltd is an independent service provider that works to ensure the regulatory and organisational standards in the areas of well-being, social, labour, ethical, security and environmental for ready-made garments and other industries all over the globe. USDS is working based on a holistic approach including the area of assessment and audit, certification, capacity building through continuous iteration and training support in implementation, need assessment and programme evaluation methodology developments to survey conduct and reporting and sustainability of the programmes. Please contact Md. Abul Kalam Azad - Managing director USDS International Ltd Address: House# 12, Roard# 1/B, Sector-9, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh. Email:, Phone & Whatsapp: +8801795074123, +8801833313626
    CSR-A Your Business Needs Me

    Your Business Needs Me - Fiona Doonican

    I work with small-business owners and sole-traders to create and implement a sustainability strategy and clearly defined goals to achieve this. This ensures that a socially responsible mindset and its practices are at the core of the business.

    I am passionate about the environment and reducing the negative impact that we, as businesses, have upon it. We all want to leave a better world for future generations and I firmly believe that each of us can reduce our impact by following a few simple steps.

    I am immensely proud that in 2021, Your Business Needs Me was awarded a Gold CSR Accreditation, becoming the first sole-trader to have done so.

    Your Business Needs Me will enable you to understand your environmental and social impact, to take action and to reap the benefits of integrating social responsibility into your business.



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