International Union for Social Responsibility

International Union for Social Responsibility

International Union for Social Responsibility

International Union for Social Responsibility (IUSR) is a registered organization under the laws of the United States of America. It is concerned with the universal values shared worldwide and the barriers of social responsibility; therefore, IUSR strives to ignite organizations passion toward social responsibilities, using international standards and partnerships.

The IUSR will operate globally; through workshops, conferences, training programs, seminars, forms, events, activities, awards, certification, research studies, and membership program. IUSR aims to strengthen organizations: private, government, and non-government in the social responsibility duty and role as well as gain advantage of the provided membership benefits.

Establishment of the Union:
The International Union for Social Responsibility was established to encourage, develop, and assist the responsible practices for both government and private sectors and the non-government through promoting the best professional practices, and introduce positive models of application of social responsibility that are in accordance with the global standards. This initiative, is the first of its kind worldwide to develop a union that seeks to host specialized entities and those related to the field of social responsibility whether it be governmental, private, and or non-government under one umbrella.

Purpose of the Union:

The International Union for Social Responsibility mandates the following purposes:

  1. Establishing a social responsibility purpose to its members and assist them at all stages to fulfil
    their obligations towards their communities and society
  2. Uniting its members under social responsibility empowerment, as they become professional practicing
    corporate role models through initiatives and successful implementations of social responsibility
  3. Union membership serves forums of information exchange and interaction, ideas, and values of
    social responsibility between organizations, experts and professionals in the field
  4. Conducting and carrying out a variety of local and international events, activities, exhibitions,
    conferences, and symposia to expand partnerships as we bring communities together under
    the sole aim of creating strong and healthy societies

Objectives of the Union:

  1. Spread the globally certified professional tools, culture and practices of social responsibility
  2. Host an umbrella of international experts and professionals within the specialized field, and
    unite to promote best practices of social responsibility
  3. Monitoring and reporting on developments in the application of the principles in accordance
    with international references of social responsibility around the world
  4. Partnering with UN organizations specialized in social responsibility and its application, that
    undertake initiatives on the three dimensions of social responsibility (economic, environmental,
    and community); in addition, to having a positive impact in their regions
  5. Assist in building and developing the skills and knowledge to the entities aiming to or are
    currently working towards making a social impact
  6. Unite with regional entities following the International Union for Social Responsibility, and work
    towards fulfilling the union’s objectives in improving communication and maximizing the impact

Types of Memberships:

First: Individual Membership

Second: Institutional Membership

Third: Honorary Membership

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