The next CSR Accreditation Deadline is 30th June

The next CSR Accreditation Deadline is 30th June

The next CSR Accreditation Deadline is 30th June

Since February the world has changed dramatically and the focus on social responsibility has become far more important.

We are already witnessing some incredible acts of kindness and support for struggling businesses, charities and individuals. There is no doubt social responsibility will play an essential role in life both at home and at work in the future, so this may be the perfect time to become a CSR Accredited organisation.

You may find that you have time over the coming months to look at what your organisation has been doing against the CSR four pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy.

The CSR Accreditation application provides a simple and straight forward template where you can start your social responsibility journey.

We are offering free coaching and support and will defer any payment for 3 months for those organisations where cashflow may be difficult. It’s amazing what we are already doing that we don’t talk about.

To register for your application please visit:

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As one of the Silverstone Technology Cluster new members I am delighted to be hosting their forthcoming webinar on Thursday at 11am.

I will highlight how, in light of the current situation, social responsibility is now more important than ever and share ways that businesses can look after their staff, their communities and support charities.

This is an opportunity to consider issues such as delivering purpose to furloughed staff through volunteering and what we can learn from understanding how social isolation helps us to empathise with the 3 million over 75 years olds who live like this all the time.

Join us to consider how your organisation can recognise the value of social responsibility and its importance, not just now, but well beyond recovery into the future. Please join us for a session that will bring you up-to-date with the latest ideas and information to provide you with valuable advice on next steps.

Please register here:

Good CSR policies drive corporate change for the better.
With well defined objectives and measurable targets, your CSR Accreditation will provide the foundation for steps towards running a more sustainable and ethical business.

What is CSR
CSR is aimed at encouraging companies to be more aware of the impact of their business on the rest of society, including their own stakeholders and the environment. CSR is an approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. CSR is a concept with many definitions and practices. CSR is a very broad concept that addresses many and various topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, working conditions and contribution to economic development. The purpose of CSR is to drive change towards sustainability.’

What is CSR Accrediation?
Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of excellence in CSR.
The accreditation helps you integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into your business operations and strategy and it provides you with a real competitive advantage.

The establishment of a CSR Accreditation is a crucial component of a company’s competitiveness and something that should be led by the business itself. For companies, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

CSR Accreditation looks at your organisation’s impacts on employees, suppliers, clients and communities / charities and helps you develop an audit / report which forms the basis of your CSR road map.