CSR Self Assessment Survey

CSR Self Assessment Survey

Welcome to your CSR Self Assessment Survey

Find out how your organisation performs in the areas of CSR
How do you measure your impact in the environment, workplace, community and philanthropically?

Find out by taking our simple questionnaire and see if your organisation qualifies for the National CSR Accreditation Mark.
The questions relate to your CSR practices, measurable impact, staff commitment, etc.

Your score will appear at the end of the questionnaire

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1. Does your organisation have an environmental policy?
2. Does your organisation use energy efficient lighting such as LED and low energy lights?
3. Do you encourage staff to cycle to work?
4. Do you offer your staff work from home days?
5. Does your organisation recycle paper and card?
6. Does your organisation responsibly dispose of batteries & printer cartridges?
7. Does your organisation provide apprenticeships and / or work experience?
8. Does your organisation provide an equal opportunities policy?
9. Do you offer your staff flexible working opportunities?
10. Do you operate a health and well being scheme?
11. Do you provide your staff with training and skills development?Do provide your staff with training and skills development?
12. Does your organisation support a community project?
13. Do you provide volunteering time for your staff ?
14. Do you have an ongoing relationship with a community project?
15. Does your organisation have a policy for charities?
16. Does your organisation provide charitable giving?
17. Do you provide volunteering time of professional services?
18. Do you communicate your support to your staff, customers and the wider public audience?