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Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) is a multi-organisational international alliance, working with businesses around the world to help them lead the way to a more sustainable digital economy, recognising the efforts in improving carbon & energy efficiency in websites and digital infrastructure and the use of clean green energy. EFWA has developed the world’s first eco standard for websites and digital infrastructure.

Eco-Friendly Web Alliance

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Established in 1994, we are an independent, international, non-profit, non-political environment group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.

Key to these aims are our International Green Apple Environment Awards, presented every year in the Houses of Parliament, Palace of Westminster, London, to companies, councils and communities who are doing their best for the environment.

We also run the Green World Awards, presented every year in a different country.

We publish many of the award-winning papers in our Green Book, the world’s only annual work of reference on environmental best practice, which we distribute free of charge all over the UK and around the world to commerce and industry, central and local governments, environment professionals, universities, reference libraries, ministers, the media, etc. – enabling them to learn and benefit from the experience and expertise of our winners.

The Green Apple Environment Awards is one of the few British campaigns to be accepted as an automatic feeder scheme into the Brussels-led European Business Awards for the Environment – and many of our winners have gone on to represent their country and win further success abroad.

The Green Organisation



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