What is your CSR New Year’s Resolution?

What is your CSR New Year’s Resolution?

Why not take the right steps to properly embed sustainability and CSR in your business, it will help you achieve higher sales.

If you adopt sustainable practices, such as buying locally, being thrifty with raw materials, energy and water, cutting down on the amount of waste you produce whilst recycling as much as you can of what’s left, not only will you be helping the planet you’ll be reducing your costs.

People increasingly want to work for companies with ethics that match their own, and that have a ‘purpose beyond profit’. So, by boosting your sustainability and CSR performance, it’s possible to recruit and retain a more engaged and productive workforce.

Companies that clearly demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, both through their actions and by also engaging in appropriate story-telling and reporting, are more trusted. That trust improves the way a company is viewed by its stakeholders, resulting in an enhanced reputation.

A CSR Accreditation is a great way to start your CSR Journey in 2019.