CSR Training

CSR Training for the senior management team at Stone

CSR Training for the senior management team at Stone

CSR-A CSR Training for the senior management team at Stone

Congratulations to the Stone Group Ltd senior management team for completing the CSR Accreditation CSR Training course.
It was a privilege to engage with such a proactive company.

Many thanks to Alison Hodgens for arranging the training despite the many postponements last year, we got there in then end. And thanks also to Simon Harbridge for supporting his team in becoming the CSR enablers for the Stone Group.

All 32 attendees will now receive their CSR Training certificates.
The CSR-A Course is accredited by the IAM and endorsed by Buckinghamshire New University and counts towards your CPD.

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This training course aims to help organisations understand how they can create a CSR policy that supports environmental, workplace, community and philanthropic issues and how they can work in ways that deliver positive outcomes.

The training course is for those who wish to develop their organisation’s CSR policy including CEOs/MDs, executive teams, senior leadership, HR managers and CSR professionals. The course is also suitable for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the importance of CSR in the workplace.

Throughout the training, learners will develop an awareness of why CSR adds clear benefits to your organisation and how these can be incorporated into day-to-day business practice. The course features a range of real-life examples of organisations with successful CSR policies, which helps learners to understand why taking care of people, the environment and the economy are vital for the long-term growth of every organisation. ( this course will count towards your personal professional development CPD)

Desired Learning Outcomes Include;

  • Why CSR is important to all stakeholders.
  • Learn about the benefits of CSR.
  • Explore laws, guidance and regulations.
  • Develop an understanding of what makes a good CSR strategy.
  • Develop stakeholder & internal engagement.
  • The importance of understanding and measuring impact.

Courses ultimately provide the building blocks for learners to create CSR policy for the organisations they work for, understand drivers, outcomes and how to measure results and impacts for stakeholders, the communities they are part of and society.

The CSR-A Course is endorsed by IAM and Buckinghamshire New University and counts towards CIPD.

CSR-A is a leading UK based company delivering a new standard for social responsibility