CSR-A attend second APPG on ESG Meeting

CSR-A attend second APPG on ESG Meeting

CSR-A attend second APPG on ESG Meeting

The most recent APPG on ESG meeting focused on the role of the Financial Reporting Council in supporting a greener and more socially responsible economy. Mark Babington, the FRC’s Executive Director spoke about the corporate governance challenges in the context of ESG facing the UK.

The presentation addressed the Governments ambitious reform agenda for audit and corporate governance. Issues concerning the delivery of consistent data to allow comparative decision making was addressed together with a regulatory framework to protect the SME sectors from a potential wild west ESG landscape.

ESG Cowboys and profiteering ESG advisors will benefit from disingenuous and unsubstantiated claims, until consumers and society demand to view and validate their ESG credentials.

A combination of regulatory push, mandating ESG disclosures, and pull from a range of stakeholders will increase the stakes on ESG action.

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CSR-A attend second APPG on ESG Meeting 8 June 2022