An insight into the future of value driven recruitment

An insight into the future of value driven recruitment

Value driven recruitment

CSRA has recently encountered many employers identifying increasing difficulty in recruiting and retaining staff. This has also been the experience of a number of recruitment agencies we have spoken to. There appears to be a change in mindset from those seeking employment for the first time. This may be about underpinning value for business in engaging with the next generation from a CSR perspective.

The Blue Planet defined a moment when more and more people around the world started to ask more questions about issues not just concerning the environment, but about how organisations should act more ethically and responsibly. Employees want to work for values-driven employers and want to know that a company is addressing its ethical responsibility. It changed the way a millennial audience view their future and the world they want to life and work in.

The Nielson Global Corporate Sustainability Report indicated that, globally, 81% of millennials expect their favourite companies to make public declarations of their CSR.

Bucks New University indicated that Over 70% of students actively look for an organisations CSR policy before accepting a job offer or applying for a job. Furthermore, that their careers platform showed for the first time that the “average” student would rather explore work in the public or charitable sector rather than banking or law. In other words, an organisation that delivers social value

It is clear that businesses need to focus on delivering sustainable value and purpose if they are to become an employer of choice – This is about lining up your values with those of the next generation.

CSRA can show your business how to attract and retain talent through value driven CSR engagement and communication.

A CSR Accreditation shows that you are a value driven organisation.

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