A CSR interview with Prof Nick Braisby – Vice Chancellor at BNU

A CSR interview with Prof Nick Braisby – Vice Chancellor at BNU

A CSR interview with Prof Nick Braisby, Vice-Chancellor of Bucks New University.

A really insightful interview that shows the impact that the CSR Accreditation has had on Bucks New University. Having achieved a Gold CSR Accreditation last year the university has seen this as the beginning of a long social responsibility journey. It has inspired staff and students alike to think about how they can deliver social value across the CSR four pillars of Environment, Workplace, Community and Philanthropy. It is helping the university become a Civic University and has encouraged them to sign up to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It has also had an impact on attracting and retaining students as their CSR initiatives are aligned with the values of the next generation of students.

Nick Braisby said

“I believe social responsibility is absolutely essential to the university’s well-functioning in many decades to come. I think for me it is almost definitional that a university plays a critically important civic role and CSR is just one aspect of that civic role. So, for me the idea of the university and the idea of CSR they’re indivisible and I expect that fully to continue”.



Vist Bucks New Universities Impact page to see how BNU benefited from their CSR Accreditation.

“Being a responsible corporate citizen is very important to us at Bucks. This award recognises the positive impact our staff and students make to the environment; in the community and across our campuses.

”Everyone at Bucks is thrilled to receive the Gold Accreditation and we’re proud to be the first University to do so. We will continue working in partnership with Bucks Students’ Union to build on our achievements, and enhance further our staff and students’ impact.”

Professor Nick Braisby, Vice Chancellor

What is CSR Accrediation?
Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of excellence in CSR.
The accreditation helps you integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into your business operations and strategy and it provides you with a real competitive advantage.

The establishment of a CSR Accreditation is a crucial component of a company’s competitiveness and something that should be led by the business itself. For companies, the overall aim is to achieve a positive impact on society as a whole while maximising the creation of shared value for the owners of the business, its employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

CSR Accreditation looks at your organisation’s impacts on employees, suppliers, clients and communities / charities and helps you develop an audit / report which forms the basis of your CSR road map.

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