Assessment Guidance Notes and Criteria

Please use these notes to structure your application in
conjunction with the four pillars list.

  1. CSR Benefit
    Does the policy identify clear CSR benefit?
  2. Environmental Benefits
    Does the policy clearly identify areas to improve environmental impact?
    Energy Efficiency, Wastes Minimisation, Recycling
  3. Social Benefit
    Value to the community have communities or areas benefited?
  4. Staff Benefit
    Have staff been engaged, included, trained or otherwise benefited?
  5. Workplace Benefit
    Do you provide responsible product information and services, supply chain, ethical investment and fair trade etc.
  6. Charitable Benefit
    Does the policy support charitable giving financially or through services and volunteering ?
  7. Financial Benefit
    Have reductions or savings been achieved?
    Reduced operating costs, electricity, water, travel etc.
  8. Commitment of the entrants/ Involvement of relevant stakeholders and employee
    Have staff demonstrated their commitment?
  9. Evidence of measurable impact/benefits (environmental, social and financial)
  10. Degree of originality/innovation
    Have you developed new or novel solutions to problems?
  11. Future expansion of the scheme How do they intend to move forward?
  12. Replicability
    Can others adopt the procedures to their own benefit?
  13. Special Merit
    Anything else that stands out in a project as worthy of additional points.

Scores over a defined % achieve a Gold, Silver or Bronze CSR accreditation.


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